the knitting train

"Knitting is manifest in an increasingly broad range of creative practices."

For a while now, I had an inkling of how creative, original and beautiful knitting can be and I believe it to be a true art form - the borders between artists and artisans being quite blurry in this case.
As it turns out, I've been thinking along the lines of this article by Brigette Cameron but I couldn't possibly have said it as well as she does.


tranquil corner

tranquil blue & cream, originally uploaded by melilab.

the corner where I often knit



petrol scarf&beret closeup, originally uploaded by melilab.

a beret of my own design and the loopy scarf made with silky soft teal kid mohair. This yarn is such a joy to knit and wear that I had to make two and then move on to a full sweater to match. I will be posting photos of it soon.

launching the blog

the inspiration to start this blog came after reading What is a Scanner? which gave me the courage to ignore my perfectionist attitude.

this blog is definetely less than perfect!