soft sculptures

I am on holiday...RG kissingRG dancingRG holding handsspot the differencewhat I am up to...
bubbles of the rainbowhermione & artemisartemis bustartemis au naturelartemis backgoddess artemis
goddess artemisartemis progress right on target!I strapped my bow and I'm ready to goartemis with her bowarrow found the target
for a little archeressfor a little archeressfor a little archeressfor a little archeresstip of the arrowtip of the arrow

soft sculptures, a set on Flickr.

3-D knitted creations

all knitting

mermaid meshartemis' bunnybunny faceartemis' bunny with skirttwo little pumpkinsfor a little pumpkin...
looking very pumpkinfor a little pumpkinfairisle vest outfitfairisle vestwhat I am up to...dressed in linen
my tussie mussiethe lucky charm hat - heartthe lucky charm hatthe lucky charm hat keythe lucky charmthe lucky charm hat keyside
the lucky charm hat heartsidetweed coat - all done!tweed coattweed coat closertweed coat sidetweed coat - all done!

all knitting, a set on Flickr.

photos of various knitting projects